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Cleaner Clothes and a Cleaner Environment

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To transform the face of dry cleaning

To preserve our customer's health and our environment

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The SMART Cleaners

That's right!  Why dry clean when you can Smart Clean.  We are an alternative to dry cleaners known as a wet cleaners. Get the most of your clothes and your money by counting on an honest clean that's totally chemical-free.  

Many dry cleaners claim to be green in name only, but we do the work. We make the sacrafice for you and our environment. With over 10 years experience we're experts in the wet cleaning process. Traditional dry cleaners are out!  Communities everywhere are welcoming wet cleaners to their neighborhoods, its the new buzz that's revolutionizing our world!  Our customers absolutely love it. It's ideal for those with allergeries and eczema because there's no chemical smell and its hypoallergenic.  

NT-CLEANERS, a green cleaners that gives you fast cleaning to complete alterations and custom clothing design services.  We have it all, a talior on the premises. You're sure to love everything we can do for you. Stop in today and check us out!

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Nature's Touch H2O Cleaners in Los Angeles, California, is a Green Certified Professional Wet Cleaners dedicated to an eco-friendly approach to dry cleaning. We eliminate the toxic chemical call Perc from our process to give you a premium and healthier clean.  You're clothes come out immaculate when we're done because they're actually clean.  Our approach is safer for you, your family and our environment; and did we say its hypoallergenic!  Your clothes, down comforters and household items come out cleaner and brighter. Traditional dry cleaners can't compare to the sacrafice we make to bring you our very best.  

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647 E El Segundo Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90059

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